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Student leadership

Student leadership

Student leadership helps young people find their voices, participate in decision-making, and understand their rights and responsibilities as active citizens. It helps students have a real impact on their learning and school environment and prepares them to participate meaningfully in their community.

Students can be leaders in the classroom, through their actions in the playground, through their support for others, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or local community events or projects.

For more information about opportunities in NSW public schools, visit Student voice and leadership.

2024 school captains

William Dean's 2024 school captains are:

School Captains Vice Captains Prefect

Savannah P

Ojas T

Tamika M

Ali A

Aashka M

Zahli P

Student representative council

Many primary schools operate student representative councils (SRC). An SRC is a group of students in a school elected by their fellow students to represent all students in the school and who organise ways for students to participate in school life.

SRC work democratically to represent the student body in school decision-making. Students work together, with help from a staff member, to improve school life and to contribute students’ ideas.

Class SRC
KRG Imeleta L & Amari B
KM Rayah S & Cooper B
KN Madison O & Ante T
1D Viraj R & Alara A
1L Tayden P & Luna P
2/1J Saina A & Zeeana G
2R Rebekah C & Kingston P
2M Abigail F & JV R
4/3L Alexis H & Zayn G
4/3B Lana H & Darlene N
4/3G Shanaya J & Ibrahim H
5/4HT Emma M & Christabelle E
6/5R Issac B & Avaan P
6/5J Charlotte N & Yash S
6/5D Layla C & Braxton B
MC BLUE Hailey H

Sporting houses

The 2024 sport house captains are:

Bradman Fraser Goolagong Elliot
Melissa E & Caellan M Rubi R & John S Iziah N & Keira W Cooper M & Elyse F

Technology Leaders

The 2024 technology leaders are:

6/5J 6/5D 6/5R

Muaaz C

Taryn-Lee T

Levi S

Yashi S

Mathias F

Shayann T

Library and Shadow Monitors

The 2024 library and shadow monitors are:

Library Monitors Shadow Monitors
Eknoor K Ben B
Aylah A Kapri S
Anureet G Cara D
Mikylah F Charlotte N
Larissa E  
Ryan C