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Medical information

Parents of children with medical conditions, for example, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes and severe allergies must consult with the school and their doctor and ensure that a health care plan is developed.

The health care plan will outline the agreed procedure the school is to follow in order to manage your child’s health and respond in the event of an emergency. It is important to provide the school with updated medical information as it becomes available.

Health care plans are kept on file in the office and shared with classroom teachers.


Our school follows the Department of Education’s policy on the Administration of Prescribed Medication to School Students.

In some circumstances children may need prescribed medication at school. The Office Staff have the authority to oversee the giving of prescribed medication. We suggest to parents:

  • Provide medication in its original packaging.
  • Write clearly on the medication what it is, the name and class of the child and the time it is to be taken.
  • Complete required paperwork at the office.
  • Remind your child at what time they must go to the office to take the medicine.
  • Provide a note containing all relevant information to enable the class teacher to support your child to get to the office at the appropriate time.

Children must never keep any type of medication in their school bags, including headache tablets.

The only exception is for asthma sufferers who may keep their medication with them and self-administer as appropriate. Parents whose children need prescribed medication for long term medical conditions must contact the Principal.

Accidents and illness

In the event of illness or a serious accident at the school, the following procedure will be followed. The school will:

  • Ring the parent/caregiver or emergency contact and ambulance if necessary.
  • In all cases, the appropriate first aid and comfort will be provided to ensure the child’s well-being
  • If the Principal feels that it is necessary for the child to be at home, then parents will be telephoned.
  • If your child attends the sick bay and is not sick enough to be sent home, or if the school is unable to contact you, a note will be sent home with your child advising you as to the problem and any first aid treatment provided.

Visit the NSW Department of Health website where you are able to research more information.

Emergency contact details

Please ensure that an emergency contact number is known at the school and that it is updated as necessary. This can be a phone number where you can be contacted during school hours or that of a relative or friend who can act on your behalf.

Also please notify the school of a change of address as many times it may be necessary to contact you for special award ceremonies or other administrative details not handled by telephone calls.